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La Cerca: passion for nature, culture of the territory


When someone reads the name of our company smiles seeing that our main activity is the sale of truffles. Yes, we played with the litteral term (“La Cerca” means the search of truffles), but we’re not just this…

La Cerca was born to give value to truffles, too often considered just as a delicious flavor.
But for us it’s so much more: it’s an expression of our territories, our traditions, it’s an emotions.
Its unique and enveloping taste it’s the last step of a multisensorial way bringing us from our diners to the woodland, where, in the silence broken just by the step of a man and his dogs, our history starts with passion, respect and safeguard for the land.

Our activity tells a story of love for an ancient tradition, originally passed down orally from father to son.
It tells the story of a special couple (the dog and his owner) joined by an enormous complicity, researching for that hidden fruit, able to repay every effort.
A love for a simle lifestyle, for a genuine personal relationships and for the safeguard of autentique flavor.
We try to transmit to you those valors and recount you the emotions we live everyday searching for truffles: inner peace that comes through the woodland, the pleasure of feeling the smell of the soil on our hands, the happiness in seeing wag my dogs, the pleasure to be surprised every day by nature …

But La Cerca It is also showing what is wrong with this world, sometimes ruined by unscrupulous characters, motivated just by the desire of easy money, ignoring every rule, indifferent to the violence caused thereby to the landscape by their conduct.
For this reason, insofar as we can, we are working to try to recover and safeguarding the more suited fields as we can, transforming them in natural controlled truffle grounds or, where it’s possible, in cultivated truffle grounds.
Our efforts are rewarded by the happiness of our clients who lived our experience, who appreciated our simplicity and shared our home. We are proud and pleased to perceive by their eyes that from today we will be friends.

La Cerca is all about that, a multisensorial experience in respect of nature and people.

We are waiting for you…

Alessandro Benvenuti.

by Benvenuti Alessandro loc. Massa di Cagli (PU)
Fisc. dom. Via V. del Signore, 8 – 61032 Fano (PU)
Tel. +39.349.6690487 – F.C. BNV LSN 74L25D488I
V.N. 02517400418 – E.A.I. 188458
info@lacerca.it – www.lacerca.it



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