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La Cerca: passion for nature, culture of the territory


Sometimes, when people see the name of our company, they smile and nod by seeing that our main activity is selling truffles. Choosing our brand name, we played with the literal meaning of the word “La Cerca” (that means the search of truffles, truffle hunting), but there is much more to say…

La Cerca was born to give value to truffles, too often seen as nothing more than a delicious treat.
We think truffles are much more than this: they are the expression of our territory, of our traditions and emotions.
Truffle’s unique and intense taste is the peak of a multisensory experience that takes us from the table to the woodland, where the silence is broken just by the steps of a man and his dogs and where our story of  passion, respect and preservation begins.

Our activity tells a love story about an ancient tradition, handed down from father to son.
It tells the story of a special couple: the dog and his owner,  bound by a great complicity, searching together for that hidden fruit that is worth the efforts and sacrifices.
A love for a simple lifestyle, for a genuine and intimate relationship and for the safeguard of authentic flavours.
We try to spread those values and transmit the emotions we experience everyday searching for truffles such as:  the inner peace revealing itself in the woodland, the pleasure of smelling of the soil, the happiness in seeing the dog wagging, the surprise of being enchanted by the nature every day…

La Cerca aims also to show what it is wrong with this world, where the common prosperity and respect for the land are often subjected to personal gain.

We are waiting for you…

Alessandro Benvenuti.

by Benvenuti Alessandro loc. Massa di Cagli (PU)
Fisc. dom. Via V. del Signore, 8 – 61032 Fano (PU)
Tel. +39.349.6690487 – F.C. BNV LSN 74L25D488I
V.N. 02517400418 – E.A.I. 188458
info@lacerca.it – www.lacerca.it



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