Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications

Over time we collected several awards for our work, sign of dedication and quality transmitted to our products.
We also decide to request and we obtained 2 important organic cerficications.



Cerere Award 2014

cerere award 2014

Make it clear to consumers what our thinking is not simple, sometimes we clash with cultural prejudices.

The Wine Hunter

wine hunter award

At Merano Wine Festival, The Wine Hunter rewarded for the category: Sauces, Gravies & Mustards and Truffle products, 2 of our products.



Certified quality by Marche Region

qm certification

The specifications of all products with the QM mark respect some guidelines securing certain basics, find out what.

Conformity certification IT BIO 004

organic certification

Organic: organic agriculture it’s a production system in tune with the environment and the man’s needs.


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