Cerere Award 2014

Cerere Award 2014

Make it clear to consumers what our thinking is not simple, sometimes we clash with cultural prejudices. Tell, share and teach sure it’s the hardest way, but certainly is the one that will give us more satisfaction.
No, we are not for all, it’s true, our it’s an utopia, but there’s nothing more beautiful than to pursue their own ideals.

Respect for cultures and traditions expecially the ones that bind us to our lands, firts of all the roots, The ones that let our Region so great.
Producers as ambassadors of a rich territory of huge excellence, help good promotion, Le Marche from hidden Region to a landmark of, a maybe lost, Made in Italy.

Help the producers, territories will benefit and we will achieve a sustainable economy.

For those reasons we gain the Cerere Award, recognition granted to farms which are distinguished and committed in the safeguard and promotion of the land.

Thanks, the Goddes of Fortune will follow us in our way.


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