Cheese and pear dumplings

Cheese and pear dumplings with truffle flakes on a fondue background

Want to impress your friends with a simple but very elegant dish? Our dumpling are easer than they seem and they’re really yummy!

recipe with truffle


INGREDIENTS for 2 people:

30 gr. of fresh seasonal truffle

Ingredients for the dumplings:

2 eggs large size,
200 gr. of flour,
a pinch of salt.

Ingredients for the filling:

100 gr. fresh ricotta cow,
half of a pear tough enough,
a spoon of grated parmigiano cheese,
a spoon of grated pecorino cheese,
a fresh onion,
a knob of butter,
a pinch of nutmeg,
salt and pepper as taste.

Ingredients for the fondue:

150 gr. of fontina cheese,
300 ml. of milk,
a pinch of nutmeg,
a pinch of black pepper.



For the dumplings: We start mashing eggs, flour and salt until we obtain a smooth dough, then let’s cover it  with a film and put it in fridge to rest.

For the filling: Melt the butter in a saucepan, chop the onion and cook it just a little bit in a pan. Cut the pear in chunks, add it to the onion and let it soften. Let it all rest for some minutes, when it becomes warm add the pecorino and parmigiano cheese and mash it all together.
It’s time to take the dough from the fridge and spread forming a thin sheet. Helping with a glass, make some rounds where, in the middle, we will put the filling. Now close with accurancy, forming the dumplings.

For the fondue: cut the fontina cheese in chunks and puor it in milk for some minutes, then we disband cooking it in bain-marie setting the flavour with salt and pepper.
Now take the plate, while the dumplings are boiling in a plentiful salt water, puor the fondue in the plate and put the dumplings drained as soon as drained.
Sprinkle with delicious truffle slices!

Enjoy your meal!

A tip for the sweet tooth: truffle could be added even in the fondue or in the filling…

Alessandro Benvenuti


If you can’t have fresh seasonal truffle, you can always use our truffle Flakes/Crumbs.

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Cheese and pear dumplings with truffle flakes on a fondue background
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