Christmas Box

La Cerca Christmas box

The perfect gift for a truffle addicted?

La Cerca Christmas box!

idea regalo natale

Choose your favorite:



The most traditional box, with polenta, risotto and truffle oil. Also with our truffle sauces!



This box is inspired by our fields: with polenta and honey; our best truffle sauces with our truffle oil.



The richest of our boxes, for all those who love every kind of truffle and mostly, for all those who love prepare truffle dishes.
This basket contains our best black truffles preserved in his own cooking broth or our white truffles preserved in butter. And finally honey and oil to give flavour to everything!


Black & White

In Black & White Christmas box you’ll find all the delicacy of our products, both kind of truffle are the protagonists: mixed with chickpeas or porcini mushrooms, they will give a extra fine taste to your dishes. Our crumbs and our oil will flavor every plate.


White Christmas

This box contains just white truffle products! This box includes butter, oil and 2 of our best sauces with white truffle.


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