Fresh organic truffle sell

Fresh organic truffle

Our truffle grounds are certified, we submit them to an organic control system, and they allow us to have fresh organic truffle every season of the year.
The best truffles, daily hunted with our dogs, are checked one-by-one, brushed and selected by scent and size. The smallest ones are selected for the production, the most beautiful ones are stored in the fridge, ready for direct sales.

Shipped in suitable refrigerated boxes, they reach the most sought after restaurants in just 24 hours.


Fresh seasonal organic truffle

Considering the weekly performance of the Truffle price is not possible purchasing it through the e-commerce.


Quantity (grams)

At the beginning of the year the most precious truffle is the fine black one, with his season opened since December.

Even in January are also available moscato black and ordinary black. Two weeks later it’s time for the first white truffle: the bianchetto white; those truffles will keep us busy until mid-March for the blacks, mid-April the white one.

From April to June it’s time to recover for the lands and bring new life on the truffle nests. They will be ready again, in June, for the black summer truffle hunting (the scorzone black): the only “main character” until the end of August.

And that’s all for the summer truffle season. When terrain starts to dress up for autumn with fallen leaves the finest truffle is ready for hunting: from the last Sunday of September it’s the fine white truffle’s season!

The king of truffles, as a king, will have his bearers around it: the uncinato black and ordinary black, will escort the white truffle until December when, as I told you before, the maximum expression of warty truffles will be achieved by the fine black truffle. In this way, the two kings will be together only for one month per year…




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