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Our products are 100% certified IT 004 BIO and Qm.
In every processed product we added the best italian ingredients.


Fresh seasonal truffle

fresh organic truffle

Our truffle grounds are certified, we submit them to a organic control system, and they allow us to have fresh organic truffle every season of the year.
The best truffles, daily researched with our dogs, are checked one-by-one, brushed and sorted by scent and dimension.


Sauces with truffle

sauces with truffle

Our processed product with truffle are prepared regarding some ancient local recipes, They respect the tradition and the simply taste of the Marche Appennines.


Condiments with truffle

il gusto naturale dei prodotti al tartufo

The smart usage of top quality ingredients and the extreme ease of use, guarantees an assured succes with every dish.



Pure truffle specialities

specialities with truffle products

Try our organic pure truffle specialities. This is the best product line to taste it in every season: Simply fresh truffle minced or sliced, preserved with some extra virgin oil.


Culinary specialities with truffle

culinary specialities with truffle

For good food lovers here comes their product line: we added the best italian culinary excellences to our truffles. We selected the best butchers and dairy, true masters of taste…


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