Truffle sauces and truffle condiments

Truffle sauces and condiments with organic truffles

Our processed product with truffle are prepared regarding some ancient local recipes, They respect the tradition and the simply taste of the Marche Appennines. The smart usage of top quality ingredients and the extreme ease of use, guarantees an assured succes with every dish.

Organic truffle sauces


5% truffle sauce (La tartufata al 5%)

5% truffle sauce

“La Tartufata”: the most known, the most loved. We used the best cultivated italian mushrooms, the most fragrant black truffle, the smell of our gardens meshed whit the finest italian oil, to obtain a sauce with incomparable and unmistakable colors and scents.

White truffle sauce (La tartufata bianca)

white truffle sauce

“La Tatufata Bianca”: it’s compelling, it couldn’t be other way since his nobles ingredients. Fresh italian cream, the “parmigiano reggiano DOP”, our scented white truffles and a pinch of rice flour to make it creamy while remaining gluten free.

Harmony of chickpeas and black summer truffle (Armonia di ceci e tartufo estivo)

harmony of chickpeas and organic black summer truffle

Importants ingredients, maybe fothright, sometimes not considerated because their few value, but very nobles for their history and traditions; the chickpea: the first farmed legume, the black truffle, the garlic and the rosemary meshed with the best italian sunflower oil, give to this sauce a stunning taste.

Harmony of mushrooms and white truffles (Armonia di porcini e tartufi bianchi)

harmony of mushrooms and organic white truffles

The king of the mountain and the diamonds of the ground meshed together give life to a unique taste sauce, completed by the italian extra virgin oil that perfectly blend the unmistakable parfume of the fresh truffle and the taste of the porcini mushroom. In this hazel sauce you can also see some truffle crumbs.

Tomato sauce with white truffle (La saporita di pomodoro e tartufo)

tomato sauce with organic white truffle

It’s fresh and delicate, its ingredients recall the tricolour. Red as the italian fresh tomato, white as the truffles and green as the parsley of our gardens and finally the italian extra virgin olive oil, give this sauce the capability to make the difference and make it compulsory for this dish, the famous “scarpetta” (bread-dipping)!


Organic truffle sauces – Gourmet Line


Scorzone harmony (Armonia di Scorzone)

scorzone harmony

HARMONY… We can’t call them “truffle sauces”, it would be reductive because the main ingredient is the prime truffle. With a concentration of 49% we can give the product the real natural taste of truffle. Perfect for fine taste lovers.


Condiments with organic truffle


Butter with white truffle (Burro con tartufo bianco)

butter with organic white truffle

This product is ready to use, this is the traditional storage method of the fresh truffle. It’s very easy, realized with partially clarified melted butter and a mix of white truffle and bianchetto truffle flakes.


White truffle oil (Anima Bianca)

white truffle oil

Truffle oil is a precious dressing, it combines all the tastes and the scents between two of the most characteristic products of the Earth: the delicate taste of the italian extra virgin olive oil and the perfume of the fine white truffle.  banner

Condiments with organic truffle – Gourmet Line


Butter with fine white truffle (Burro con tartufo bianco pregiato)

butter with organic fine white truffle

In every product of the gourmet line we added the best italian ingredients. No aroma, even naturals, just high concentrations of fresh truffles.


Butter whit black summer truffle (Burro con tartufo nero estivo)

butter with organic black summer truffle

The truffle butter is linked to our land tradition, this condiment has ancient origins: our grandparents in Appenino used to cover foods with animal fats to preserve flavour and taste in time.



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