What is the truffle?

When we think about good food or a lavish dinner what kind of food we are thinking about?
Which kind of them are the ones who bring finesse, opulence and flavor?
I guess… oyster, caviar, the fois gras and… Truffle!

The truffle, this stranger one… So penetrant his fragrance as unknown his nature.
Maybe its mistery depends on whether it’s living underground, in the darkness.

Is it a mushroom or a tuber?

Truffle is a mushroom, well, it’s the result by the union between a hypogaeum mushroom (litterally: underground mushroom) and a tree root. Unlike mushroom, truffle isn’t a parasite but a symbiont: something who helps the plant live better .
Someone mistakenly call it tuber, even the naturalists centuries ago. Their misunderstanding still in the scientific name to the present day; but truffle’s not a tuber.

How is a truffle made?

It is possible to distinguish truffles according to color (white and black) an according to their “peridio” (the peel, the outside), this one could be smooth or warty. Those elements define flavour and and then the market value of the truffle.
The inside is called “gleba” and it has the same color of peridio. The gleba is crossed by simmetric light striations, the more the gleba is dark, the more the truffle is ripe and scented.
By the way: truffle’s scent reaches its peak and then it starts to fades until it becames unpleasant.

All around the world there are something like seventies kind of hypogaeum mushrooms, thirthy of them are in Italy. For the italian law just ten of them are eatable and tradeable.

What’s the difference between an organic truffle and an ordinary one?

Someone told us that certify truffles had no meaning as it is a natural product of the underbrush. Well, first I want to say that we have not certified the truffles as products, but most importantly we have identified a specific origin territory: our truffles are 100% italians, coming from Marche Region. Also, even products we sell (except the NAT line) are 100% organically made.


Fine white truffle

fine white truffles of Acqualagna

The base concept it’s the same as ever: man, dog, truffle.

That triad reach his best expression in the search of fine white truffle of Alba or Acqualagna (Tuber Magnatum Pico).



Black summer truffle or “Scorzone”

black summer truffles

In the place I live, even in present times, dedicate to the search of black summer truffle, expecially the Tuber Aestivum Vittadini or “Scorzone” is not so considerated. It’s just a way to take the dogs out for a walk and let it practice for the Tuber Magnatum Pico or “Rapone”.



White truffle “Bianchetto” or “Marzuolo”

bianchetto white truffles

It is a light-coloured truffle, sometimes straw yellow but certain qualities found in coniferous woods can be greysh.

It has a smoot peel, it could be small as a pepper berry or big as an apple.



Fine black truffle

fine black truffle

The tuber melanosporum (as known as fine black truffle or Norcia’s truffle) it’s the most precious quality between black truffles.
It borns in sedimentary or gravelly soils, prefering the hardwood as their own symbiont plants.



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