Vegan line

Products suitable for a vegan diet

Some products of the organic line “La Cerca” are suitable for vegans. Not only because during the transformation there is no contamination nor the use of food of non animal origin, but especially for our business philosophy, that led/ brought us to think first of all to the respect of nature, people and animals.


sustainable research of the truffleEveryday we commit ourselves in our own little, to protect and improve a piece of wooded productive land, preserving it from the exploitation of wood traders, cleaning it again from unwanted plants, bringing back at the end of the season parts of truffle to increase, in the land, the number of spores and assure the production in the following years. This would not have been enough, if we had not followed also those rules that suggest truffle hunting only when it is in season and gathering the scented and ripe ones, preferring the respect to the commercial needs. Only in this way truffles, dogs and the nature of the place, become the undisputed actors of an ancient tradition that allows us with huge pleasure to narrate the joy of doing a job that is alway different, rich of surprises, emotions and relationships.


Eye to the paw!

In our shop you can easily detect the “suitable for vegans” products: just make sure there is the paw biologico - vegano - vegetariano - senza glutine - sì near to the “Vegan” indication on the product description page! Or you can also click there to find all vegan products.


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