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Do you want to come looking for truffles with us?

Walking through the woodlands, listening to its sounds, feeling its scents: step by step, the smell of digged soil… and finally the discovery. It’s in the act of searching for truffles where I express all my love for this rich and generous land, worthy of respect and protection. To make you live a multi-sensorial experience and the rural feeling that binds us to the earth. Would you like to come with us and try this experience?

“La Cerca” it’s not just an action, it’s love for a simple lifestyle, for a genuine personal relationship and for the preservation of authentic flavors. We want to share with you, the emotion we experience everyday while searching for truffles: the inner peace that comes while entering the woods, the pleasure of felling the soil with our own hands, the happiness in seeing my dogs wagging, the pleasure to be surprised everyday by nature.

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