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Organic Trufflesfrom our lands of Marche

Organic Truffle

What is a truffle?

When we think about good food or lavish dinners, what kind of food are we thinking of?
I guess oysters, caviar, foie gras and truffles!
Truffle: such a strange thing! With its penetrating scent and its unknown nature!
Maybe its mystery depends on the fact that it grows underground in the darkness.

Is truffle a mushroom or a tuber?

Truffle is a fungus: it is the result of the spontaneous union between a hypogaeum mushroom (literally: underground mushroom) and a tree root. Unlike mushrooms, truffles are not parasites but symbionts: something that helps the plant to live better .
Someone mistakenly call it tuber, even the naturalists did so, centuries ago. Their misunderstanding is still shown in the current truffle scientific name; however, truffle is not a tuber.

How does a truffle looks like?

It is possible to distinguish truffles according to their colour (white and black) and according to their “peridio” (the peel, the outside). This one can be smooth or warty. Those elements define the flavour and the market value of each truffle.
The inside is called “gleba” and it has the same colour of the peridio. The gleba is crossed by symmetric light striations: the darker is the gleba, the more scented and riper is the truffle.
However the truffle’s scent reaches its peak and then it starts to fade until it becomes unpleasant.
All around the world there are something like seventies kind of hypogaeum mushrooms, thirty of them are in Italy. For the Italian law just ten of them are edible and tradeable.

La Cerca tartufo bio

What's more in an organic truffle?

Someone asserts that certified truffles are nonsense because truffles are natural products of the underbrush. Well, first of all I want to say that we have not certified our truffles as products, but most importantly we have identified a specific origin territory: our truffles are 100% Italians, coming from the Marche Region. Moreover, even the products we sell are 100% organically made.