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Searching for the Bianchetto white truffle, also called "Marzuolo"

Collection period: from 15 January 15 April

It is a light-coloured truffle, sometimes straw yellow but certain qualities found in coniferous woods can be grayish.
It has a smooth peel; it can be small as a peppercorn or big as an apple.
It has a pleasant flavour, slightly accentuated similar to garlic.
You can find it for the whole winter until late spring (right in March reaches its peak in production: that it why it is called “marzuolo”- in Italian March is marzo).
It is not that difficult to find many truffles of this type during the search, so the Bianchetto is the most used one for training dogs.
Although the Bianchetto is much cheaper than the Fine White Truffle of Acqualagna, it one can give a really pleasant taste to the dishes.
As the Fine White Truffle, the Bianchetto white truffle must be eaten raw, because the cooking process would make it stringy.