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EU Organic Certification

Why you should apply for an organic certificate for truffles?

Organic agriculture it’s a production system in tune with the environment and the man’s needs.

This doesn’t mean a return to the ancient methods but instead to develop a model of sustainable production avoiding to plunder the natural resources (especially lands), generating overall environmental wellness.

Organic is also education, respect for nature as land, environmental and social sustainability.

Someone told us that certify truffles had no meaning as it is a natural product of the underbrush. Well, first I want to say that we have not certified the truffles as products, but most importantly we have identified a specific origin territory: our truffles are 100% italians, coming from Marche Region. Also, even products we sell are 100% organically made.

Certified quality by Marche Region

The added value of QM

With the application of the QM brand, the production, enhancement and dissemination of agricultural and food products is promoted and favored, in the light of the principles adopted by the European Commission in the field of food safety.

This ensures compliance with the rules and ensures transparency for the consumer of the products to which the trademark has been assigned. In fact, the data relative to the origin of the raw material, the characteristics of the semi-finished and consumer products, the quality level, the information on the operators in the supply chain involved in the production, processing or marketing of the products will be indicated.


Ban on using genetically modified organisms at all stages of production


Products must have quality requirements really higher than the minimum legal


Productions standards must aim to achieve tangible results about food safety


Cultivation and breeding techniques must impact as little as possible with the environment


The specifications must set ameliorative standards even in respect of animal’s wellness


To the consumer and the various players in the production chain through formal agreements.