La Cerca tells a style of life, an interior attitude. That sense of wonder for nature, which leads us to respect it.

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Möchtest du Trüffelkoch werden?
Hier sind einige sehr einfache Video Rezepte, um exquisite Gerichte auf der Basis von bio trüffel zu schaffen.

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Pork tenderloin with white truffle

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Pork tenderloin with white truffle recipe 500 gr of Pork loin 150 gr of fresh potatoes 40 ml of single cream 90 gr of Armonia di porcini e Tartufo bianco Salt and…


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Truffle-burger recipe 400 gr of minced beef 80 gr of Grana Padano cheese 20 ml of single cream 90 gr di La Tartufata al 5% Salt and pepper as taste 30 minutesFor…

Gnocchi with white truffle

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Gnocchi with white truffle recipe 600 gr of gnocchi 50 gr of butter 50 ml of single cream 90 gr of  La tartufata bianca bio Salt e pepper as taste 15…


Kuriositäten und Veranstaltungen, erfahren Sie mehr über Trüffel.

Ultimi articoli / Ultimi articoli

Orario ricerca tartufi

Time to go searching for truffle

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Time to go searching for truffle Quite often people ask me questions like these: “What time you go searching for truffles? You go at night?” My answer is necessarily intricated. As…
Periodo tartufi - La Cerca

Truffle searching calendar

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Truffle searching calendar: when do you go to truffles? How and when the treasures of the earth are sought Not anybody knows, to go searching for truffles, beside the dog…

How to preserve fresh truffle

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Preservation of fresh truffle You bought fresh truffles but you can not use it right away, and so you're afraid you'll get bad ... Quiet, here for you there are…