The Benvenuti family

By 23 Oktober 2017 Neugier

My family, Benvenuti

It all started thanks to my wife: she let me know those lands and this world that now it’s my job. A kind of job that gives us the opportunity to live different and unique experiences everyday creating a perfect harmony between us, our dogs and the nature. Respecting, improving, protecting: these are the main principles of our commitment to recover abandoned lands and woods, part of a wonderful place, too often neglected.

Genuinity, tradition, transparency are the milestones of our job but in the same time they also represent the Marche Appennines’ identity, so indomitable and ancient, the only one able to guard the most precious treasure: the truffle.

So “La Cerca” (the search) does not represent just an action, but it narrates a lifestyle, an interior attitude. That sense of wonder for nature that leads us to respect it. I want to call it culture: because only with this point of view about the World, we can leave it a better place for us and for our children.

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