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Scallops with truffle recipe

2 people
  • fresh seasonal truffle or Flakes/Crumbs of truffle
  • 4 beef slices
  • flour type 00
  • a knot of butter
  • salt to taste

20 minutes


This recipe scallops with truffle are a tasty and easy to prepare second course. It can be served all year round depending on the seasonal truffle. it’s really easy and fast. Let’s start flouring the meat slices: make sure you to fully cover the slices with flour; let them rest for about 10 minutes and repeat.

Melt the butter knot in a large pan and when it becomes hot pour the slices. 2 minutes per side are enough, after this add half a glass of water to make the typical sauce for dressing the scallops and keep on cooking to make it thicken.

If you’re using black summer truffles or fine black truffles you can add half glass of water and a pinch of salt according to taste.

Once the sauce has thickened, serve it: pouring the sauce on the plate and place the slices on it.  Finally sprinkle the plate with some slices of fresh truffle.
In case of lack of fresh truffle in season, you can replace it with ours black summer truffle flakes or organic black summer truffle crumbs

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