Scallops with truffle

Scallops with fresh truffle

The good news for this recipe is that it isn’t seasonal: in every period of the year it could be adapted with the seasonal truffle (if you wanna know the seasons of the truffle read this).
For that concerns meat, I personally prefer the beef’s one for this recipe but you can use also pig or chicken meats according to taste.

scallops with truffle



INGREDIENTS for 2 people:

fresh seasonal truffle
4 beef slices
flour type 00
a knot of butter
salt to taste



This recipe it’s really easy and fast. Let’s start flouring the meat slices, in this phase pay attention to completly cover the slices with the flour; let them rest for about 10 minutes and repeat this operation.

Melt the butter knot in a large pan and, when it becomes hot puor the slices. 2 minutes per side are enough to let the meat take color, after this add half a glass of water to make the tipical sauce that would accompany the scallops and continue cooking to make it ticken.

If you’re using black truffles (summer or wintry) we should add it with the half glass of water and a pich of salt according to taste.

Once the sauce has thickened to the desired point, serve it pouring the sauce at the base and putting the slices over. Finally cover the plate with some slices of fresh truffle.

Enjoy your meal!

Alessandro Benvenuti


If you can’t have fresh seasonal truffle, you can always use our truffle Flakes/Crumbs.

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Scallops with truffle
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