How to preserve fresh truffle

Preservation of fresh truffle

First of all, we have to say that preserve truffle through rice is deprecated, because rice is dehydrated – it would absorb all liquids and flavour to truffle – here’s to you some little tips…


Preservation in fridge

The firts advice it’s also the easier, it consists in preserving truffles in the fridge, closed in an airtight food container, covered with some blotting paper (which will be replaced every day).
In this way it will save for a week.

And a little tip for the sweet thoot: in the airtight container, with the truffle, you can put also some fresh eggs.
This ones, thanks to their porous shell, they will absorb a part of truffle flavor, becoming truffled and ready for a scented omelette.


Freeze the truffle

Second way: freeze them in a food glass or plastic container.
The only care is, when you’re going to use them, do it when they still frozen, don’t defrost them because they would become gummy and it wouldn’t be possibile to slice them anymore.
Obviously truffles should be cleaned before freezing.

In this way preservation would last up to 6 months.


Preservation with oil or butter

preservation of fresh truffle

Third way: preserve it frozen covered with extra virgin oil or butter.
Maybe it’s some step longer, but it’s worth.

When it’s fresh slice it and place the flakes inside the ice trays and, according to taste, cover it with extra virgin oil or melted butter.

preservation of fresh truffle

The butter method also has two ways to be melted: dissolve at room temperature or heat it in a double boiler clarifying it (you have to remove the patina that forms on the surface).

Once combined this mixture with the truffle, put it in the freezer.
The following day, the iced cubes must be placed inside an airtight food container and place in the freezer again.
In this way, preservation would be effective for a pair of months.

Alessandro Benvenuti


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And now… How do you want to cook it?



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