Risotto with truffle and robiola cheese

Risotto with Acqualagna’s truffle and melted robiola cheese

This is the recipe I prefer when I have to prepare a truffle risotto. The robiola cheese is the perfect partner for the sliced truffle, it takes its flavour from the truffle and forward it to the rice turning this dish into a masterpiece!

risotto with truffle


INGREDENTS for 4 people:

350 gr of Carnaroli rice
50 gr of fresh seasonal truffle 
200 gr of robiola cheese
1 small onion
50 gr of butter
1 lt of beef/vegetable broth
5 spoon of single cream
90 gr of grated Grana Padano cheese
Salt and pepper as taste
Extra virgin olive oil as taste
A glass of dry white wine



Let’s start chopping finely the onion and making it brown in a pan with some oil and in a low heat, pay attention not to fry it. Add the rice and let it roast, when it starts to “sing” with the pan (as soon as it starts to fry), pour the white wine. When the wine fully evaporated we’ll start to add a little bit at a time some boiling broth, mix everything to do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Meanwhile, in another pan, put the single cream and the robiola cheese, add pepper as taste and let it all melt in water bath amalgamating softly; keep this cream warm.
Now it’s time to cook the rice: when the broth it’s almost evaporated whisk it with some butter crumbed and grated grana padano cheese.
Serve the rice in single dishes leaving a little hole in the middle where we’ll put the melted robiola cream.
Complete the dish with a rain of sliced truffles.

For the sweetest teeth, I suggest to add some truffle slices even in the preparation of the robiola cream.

Enjoy oyur meal!

Alessandro Benvenuti


If you can’t have fresh seasonal truffle, you can always use our Truffle Flakes/Crumbs 

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Risotto with truffle and melted robiola cheese
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